Catherine Princess of Wales, announces she is undergoing treatment for cancer

Catherine, who used to be known as Kate Middleton before becoming a princess, revealed in a video message from Kensington Palace that she has cancer. She’s just started chemotherapy as part of her treatment. She mentioned feeling very surprised and overwhelmed by the news, especially after going through some difficult times recently. Doctors discovered the cancer while doing tests following a big surgery Catherine had in January. She didn’t say exactly what type of cancer it is or how serious it is.

Catherine Princess of Wales


Kate thanked everyone for supporting her lately. She said that she and her family need some time alone while she finishes her treatment.

People were wondering about Kate’s health when she disappeared from public view in December. Later, it was revealed that she had planned surgery on her abdomen. The palace said she won’t be doing her public duties until after Easter. Some people online started spreading false stories about her during this time.

This news adds to the recent troubles the royal family has been facing. Last month, they shared that King Charles III has cancer.

Before this announcement, the latest update from Kate was a photo of her with her kids, released on Mother’s Day. Sadly, it turned out the photo was edited, and Kate took responsibility for the mistake.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak praised Kate for her bravery during these tough times. He said the whole country supports her in her recovery.

The White House Press Secretary also sent well wishes to Kate for her recovery. She said they want to respect her privacy during this difficult time.

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